Our Current Research Projects:

(1) Surface-growth of metal-organic hybrid layers
(2) Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of molecular thin films on metals
(3) Nanostructured electrodes for lithium-air batteries
(4) Metal nanoparticles as catalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reaction
(5) Catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass
(6) Two-photon properties of metal nanoparticles
(7) Lipid-protein interactions probed by sum-frequency generation spectroscopy
(8) Adsorption of gases in fluorinated metal complexes
(9) Optical measurement of carbon nanomaterials and fluorescent proteins
(10) Development of nanoRaman for solid-liquid interfaces
(11) Development of tip-enhanced hyper-Raman
(12) Development of differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) for on-line measurements of chemical processes at the surface of electrodes

Our Collaborations:

  • Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz  (Prof. M. Bonn, Dr. E. Backus, Dr. K. Domke)
  • Lodz University of Technology ( Dr. J. Grams, Dr. A. Ruppert, Dr. E. Szubiakiewicz)
  • Tohoku University (Prof. H. Fukumura, Assoc. Prof. Y. Shibata, Assoc. Prof. S. Katano)
  • Hokkaido University ( Dr. E. Kowalska)
  • Fukuoka University (Prof. T. Suzuki, Dr. K. Yagyu)
  • Mie University (Assoc. Prof. H. Horino)
  • Kagoshima University (Dr. S. Oleszek)
  • Sibaura Institute of Technology  (Dr. A. Hori)
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