Educational Philosophy:

As an individual who has experienced various educational styles, I have a unique ability to understand their advantages and disadvantages. I understand how an educational style shapes human resources and societies through curricula offered. Over the last decades, science has made tremendous progress resulting in sophisticated technological products. However the majority of people in the world are not able to use all of those technological advances. In order to bridge that gap I am committed to educate people who have a broad understanding of basic science, have ability to think independently and have pioneering spirit to face the challenges of their own times and regions. I am committed to the Shibaura Institute of Technology founding philosophy of nurturing engineers who learn from society and contribute to the society raised by its founder Shiro Arimoto. As a part of the Super Global University Program I am given unique opportunity to work with talented individuals from all around the word. In these settings I will act to produce human resources who learn from the world and contribute to the world by providing the necessary scientific knowledge and opportunities to understand other cultures and economic gaps.

Courses Taught:
General Inorganic Chemistry (undergraduate course)
Introductory Inorganic Chemistry (undergraduate course)
Instrumental and Analytical Chemistry (undergraduate course)
Introduction to Spectroscopy (undergraduate course)
Surface and Interface Analysis (graduate course)

Courses Taught at SIT:
Instrumental Analysis in Materials Characterization (graduate course)
Surface and Interface Science (graduate course)
Basic Molecular Spectroscopy (graduate course)
Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy (graduate course)
General and Sustainable Chemistry (graduate course)
Global Internship (graduate course)
Advanced Science and Innovative Engineering (graduate course)

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