Nanostructured Systems for Energy and Health


Welcome to the website of the Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group, led by Dr. Izabela Rzeznicka. Principle research in our group focuses on understanding nanoscale surface chemistry of metals upon interaction with inorganic and organic molecules. We use scanning probe microscopy techniques to investigate atomic-structure of surfaces and vibrational spectroscopy techniques to deepen our knowledge on molecular self-assembly and surface-driven chemical transformation. The results of our studies help engineering surfaces with nanoscale precision and contribute to the development of nanotechnology particularly in areas of thin film, catalysis, biosensors, nanostructured solar cells and electrodes for lithium-air batteries .

We currently have an open PosDoc position and welcome graduate students under Innovative Asia Program of JICA (

Besides, we also open both Lab. Internship and Sandwich Student positions under Shibaura Institute of Technology’s student exchange programs

(Please kindly download this document for further information)

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